Madam C.J. Walker

Episode One: Would you have made the same decision as Annie Malone and not let Sarah (Madame C.J. Walker) sell your product?  Why or why not?


Episode Two:What did moving do for Madam CJ Walker's business?  What were the advantages and disadvantages of doing that?  Use examples and evidence to support your answer.


Episode Three: Sarah struggles with personal and professional betrayals as she expands her business.  What are these betrayals?  Which betrayal do you feel is the most difficult?  Use reasoning and evidence to support your answer.


Overarching Questions: 


Madame C.J. Walker made several business decisions to expand her business.  What do you believe was her best?  Use specific examples to support your answer.

What were Madame C.J.'s biggest obstacles to build a business?  Why?  Would these obstacles be the same if she was a white man during this time?  Use examples to support your answer(s).
Who helped Madame C.J. Walker most?  There is no "right" answer.  Use evidence to support your answer so that you make a good case for why you believe it was that person.
Madame C.J. Walker was selling more than cream.  She had a vision.  What was her vision?  Do you believe that it helped her business become more successful?  Write about a brand now that has a vision and how they use it to make their business more successful.
Did you know about Madame C.J. Walker before watching this account of her life?  She was the first female millionaire in the United States.  Why do you think you haven't heard of her before if she was so successful?