Texas Poinsettia Producers Guide  (great site)


Poinsettia History
Poinsettia Forms and Styles
Economics & Marketing
Cultural Characteristics
Poinsettia Cultivars
Production Schedule
Height Control
Selecting a Growing Medium

Water Quality
                                              Poinsettia Nutrition
                                              Insect & Mite Management
                                              Poinsettia Diseases & Control
                                              Common Disorders
                                              Conversion Tables
                                              Additional References

More Websites

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Foliar feeding of calcium


Fertilization Program


                                             Poinsettia Federal Insect and Mite Control Chart


                                             U of Cal Pest Management Information

                                             Pest Control with Insect Screening


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Poinsettia Production

Mastering Poinsettia Production.pdf
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Disease, Water, Light, Soil

Poinsettia Diseases.pdf
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Soil Science and Poinsettia.doc
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Wild Poinsettia Prevails Over Glyphosate
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Parasitic wasps and computers combat whi
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New data on agrochemicals for poinsettia
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Potent New Pest Hits California_Poinsett
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Protecting poinsettias with computers.do
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Whitefly invader really a new species.do
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