Teen Tech Week

This year, the library is participating in the annual Teen Tech Week, March 7-13, 2010.   The 2010 theme — Learn Create Share @ your library — fosters teen creativity and makes the library your physical and virtual place for exploration of the many types of technology available at libraries.

I want the program decisions to be made by students, to better meet your needs and preferences.  If you are interested in being on a student advisory board for Teen Tech Week, we will meet during the January activity period.  Please come to the library and let me know.


Some programming ideas include:

Competitions for:        Computer animation of a book character or setting

                                    (using Blender.org or Scratch)

                                    Website design showcasing the student for employment 

                                     or college (using Jimdo.com)

                                    Playlist for a book (like a soundtrack)                                  

                                    (using mixpod.com or project playlist)

                                    Book trailers (like a movie preview) (using youtube)

                                    Video Game Design (possibly using Kodu)

                                    Library Logo Design

And/Or: An online facebook book group

Internet scavenger hunt

Technical Career Fair

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